1969-1976 Corvette Tilt Telescopic Steering Columns
  All rebuilt columns have new lower bearing and adapter, new upper bearing, new sphere kit, complete rebuild of the tilt housing,
new turn signal switch with harness (made in the USA),  new ignition switch (AC Delco), new lock cylinder with keys (AC Delco),
new horn contacts, new tilt and turnsignal levers for your year, new firewall seals(my own superior design), new hazard knob correct
for your year, new horn cap, new stainless steel screw kit and some other new small parts that you don't care about but lead to a very nice rebuild.
All shafts are mounted in a jig and checked for runout.
All of my rebuilt columns carry a two year parts and labor warranty.

     1969 First design : These columns have an exposed rotating bell painted column color.  You can
                                    actually see the bell move as you shift to PARK for automatics or REVERSE
                                    in manual shifts. This bell is not the same size and shape as late '69 thru '76.
   1969 Second design :  The rotating bell in late '69's is the same as '70-'76 and has a plastic cover.
                                         The bell is still rotating, you just can't see it.

             All 1969's use a different upper shaft ,both inner and outer , cancel cam and lock plate
             than other years. 1969-1971 columns use the same upper housing with the letters LOCK in a
      1969 1st rebuilt:   Not always available. Please call!  Component parts are very rare.
      1969 2nd rebuilt:   Cores are almost impossible.....call !

    1970-1971 : Same basic column as late '69 but with a different upper shaft assembly, cancel cam
                         and lock plate.
       1970-1971 rebuilt: Cores are almost impossible....call !

    1972-1974:  The upper housing changes in '72 with the letters LOCK in an oval. The hazard knob
                         changes in '72.
       Cores have become almost imposible!   Please call !
     1975-1976:  There was another change to the upper shaft assembly in very late '74. The inner
                          shaft was lengthened slightly to use a keeper clip after the steering hub nut was installed.
                          This change required a longer tele lock rod to make up the difference in length. When
                          you see all the Corvette catalogs listing a tele lock rod as '69-'76....they are wrong!!
                          Another change to the inner and outer upper shaft came in early '75 as the tele lock
                          clip changes styles. The clips are not interchangable
        Cores have become almost impossible, Please call !
                            ***the '76 columns include all necessary '76 parts except the steering wheel!!! Your standard
                            ***'76 wheel WILL NOT WORK on a tilt/tele!!!!!
                                                                  1969-1976 Corvette Hot Rod Columns
                                               I build a hybred Corvette column for those cars with engine/trans changes where the column lock cable from
                                                                                                      the trans to the column is not used.
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