1969-1976 Corvette Hot Rod Columns

I build these columns specifically for '69-'76 Corvettes with engine/transmission changes.  The column lock lever
 at the base of the column is not present.  If you are running a 5 or 6 speed or any aftermarket type trans
and you are not using the column lock cable from the trans to the column, this is your tilt tele column.
Since there is no cable or lever, I pin the inner locking tube in place to keep it from vibrating
away from its necessary location.
The original function for this cable was to require the driver to place the car in PARK  or REVERSE,
on manual shifts, in order to remove the key.
These columns still retain the original steering wheel lock function when the key is removed.

                1969-1976 Hot Rod Columns:  Completely rebuilt usually in the 75-6 style.  Comes with everything except
                            a steering wheel.  Your choice of tilt and turn signal levers....1969....1970-71.....1972-76.....custom
                            black or billet aluminum.  Also your choice of original type horn cap or my billet horn cap. 
                                            Cores are scarce!  Call for availibility!!!
All my rebuilt columns carry a two year parts and labor warranty
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I buy column cores and column parts   
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