1977-1982 Corvette
Tilt Telescopic Steering Columns
Discription of columns
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           1977: 1977 is a one year only column.  The wiper switch is in the steering column.  
                      The lower column housing is also common to '77 only.
       1978 first design :  1978 first has a metal lock cylinder housing with the
                      dimmer pivot bolted to the housing with the same type bolt that held the '77
                      wiper switch. The dimmer pivot requires the use of a  turn signal lever that is
                      bent toward the driver.
       1978 second design: 1978 second has a metal lock cylinder housing with
                     the dimmer pivot pinned in place.  The bent lever is also used with this pivot.
                     1977-1978 first and second use the same lock cylinder as 1969-1976.
       1978 third design: 1978 third design has a different metal lock cylinder housing.
                    This housing uses a new design ignition lock cylinder that is held in place internally
                     by a special screw.  The lock cylinders do not interchange.
       1979 first design:  Same as '78 third
     1979 second design:  1979 second uses a different dimmer pivot that is pinned in
                     place.  This pivot requires the use of a straight turn signal (or cruise) lever.
                     Lock cylinder housing is metal same as '78 third.

        1979 third design: 1979 third has a turn signal switch change that
                     preceeds the '80 model changover. The switch used 13 leads from the switch instead
                     of 10.  Everything else is the same as '79 second.
        1980 :  The 1980 1st column is the same as 1979 third.  Late 1980  lock housing
                     changes to plastic.
        1981-82 :  Ignition lock cylinder housing is plastic unit with the pivot pinned in place.
                     The lower column cover changes to a shorter unit.  1981 is also the first year for the
                     resume function on the cruise control so the cruise lever is common to 81-2 only.

                                      Tilt Telescopic Columns for sale

               1977             Complete extensive rebuilds .  Comes with new repro levers and repro horn cap. No wheel.  
                                                 Limited cores, Please call!!
                                                 $ 1200.00    with good used wiper switch... any '77 color
                                                 $ 1600.00    with NOS wiper switch ...any '77 color
                            1978             I build my '78's with either 2nd or 3rd design lock housings.  Non cruise bent levers are not available new or used.  
                                                 I build with either repro straight levers or used bent cruise levers ( decent & tested ). Includes repro cap.  
                                                 No wheel.  
                                                 $1000.00   any '78  color
                            1979             1979's are available.  I build with 2nd design turn signal pivots. (late straight lever) . 1st or 2nd design turn signal switches
                                                 are available. ( 10 pin or 13 pin )
                                                 Includes repro straight non cruise lever & repro horn cap!  No wheel.  
                                                 $1000.00 your color

                            1980-1982    Complete rebuilds, no wheel. Includes non cruise levers & repro horn caps .  
                                                  $1000.00 your color

                                                                               All of my rebuilt columns carry a two year parts and labor warranty
                                                                                                Visa , Master Card and Paypal accepted

                                                                                                            I buy column cores and parts

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